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Samsung Galaxy S4

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Transfer files between 'droid and Linux

I've used go-mtpfs. However, unlike with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7 which work just fine, I've encountered problem:

2015/11/10 16:35:38 fatal error LIBUSB_ERROR_IO; closing connection.
2015/11/10 16:35:38 FUSE mounted
2015/11/10 16:35:47 fatal error LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT; closing connection.
2015/11/10 16:35:48 GetObjectHandles failed: LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT

The first advice I've found was to pass -android=false. However, this didn't help. It turned out that increasing timeout is the way to go. One github issue suggested that Samsung phones have their own set of problems, because they forked away their stack from vaniala or whatever.

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